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icu_fs_data_provider is one of the ICU4X components.

It reads ICU4X data files from the filesystem in a given directory. It can also export data to the filesystem via an iterable data provider (see the export module).


use icu_provider_fs::FsDataProvider;

let provider = FsDataProvider::try_new("/path/to/data/directory")
    .expect_err("Specify a real directory in the line above");

Directory Structure

The ICU4X data directory has a file named manifest.json at the root, and a nested structure with category (ResourceCategory), subcategory@version, optional variant, and language identifier as the leaf data files. For example, Arabic JSON data for cardinal plurals lives at plurals/cardinal@1/ar.json.

The exact form of the directory structure may change over time. ICU4X uses metadata from manifest.json to dynamically interpret different versions of the directory structure.

├── manifest.json
├── dates
│   └── gregory@1
│       ├── ar-EG.json
│       ├── ar.json
│       ├── be.json
│       ⋮
│       └── und.json
└── plurals
    ├── cardinal@1
    │   ├── ar.json
    │   ├── be.json
    │   ⋮
    │   └── und.json
    └── ordinal@1
        ├── ar.json
        ├── be.json
        └── und.json

Resource Formats

ICU4X data can be stored in different formats. At the moment there are:

  • JSON - Textual format, easy to read
  • Bincode - Binary, fast resource format

The directory passed to the FsDataProvider constructor may contain either of them.

Exporting data

To generate the data required for FsDataProvider, run the following from the top level:

cargo run             \
  --bin icu4x-datagen \
  --                  \
  --cldr-tag 41.0.0   \
  --out ./icu4x-data  \
  --all-keys          \

To export bincode format, use

cargo run             \
  --bin icu4x-datagen \
  --                  \
  --cldr-tag 41.0.0   \
  --out ./icu4x-data  \
  --all-keys          \
  --all-locales       \
  -s bincode

Notice: In order to use bincode encoded data in production, icu_provider has to be added with deserialize_bincode_1 Cargo feature.


Utilities for dumping data to an ICU4X filesystem tree.


A data provider that reads ICU4X data from a filesystem directory.