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Core selection of APIs and structures for the ICU4X data provider.


pub use crate::any::AnyMarker;
pub use crate::any::AnyPayload;
pub use crate::any::AnyProvider;
pub use crate::any::AnyResponse;
pub use crate::buf::BufferMarker;
pub use crate::buf::BufferProvider;
pub use crate::data_key;
pub use crate::marker::DataMarker;
pub use crate::marker::KeyedDataMarker;
pub use crate::any::AsDowncastingAnyProvider;
pub use crate::serde::AsDeserializingBufferProvider;


The error type for ICU4X data provider operations.

Used for loading data from an ICU4X data provider.

A compact hash of a DataKey. Useful for keys in maps.

The main locale type used by the ICU4X data provider.

A container for data payloads returned from a data provider.

The request type passed into all data provider implementations.

A response object containing an object as payload and metadata about it.

A response object containing metadata about the returned data.


A list specifying general categories of data provider error.


A data provider that loads data for a specific DataKey.

A data provider that loads data for a specific data type.