pub fn datagen(
    locales: Option<&[LanguageIdentifier]>,
    keys: &[DataKey],
    source: &SourceData,
    outs: Vec<Out>
) -> Result<(), DataError>
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Runs ICU4X datagen.

The argument are used as follows:

  • locales: If this is present, only locales that are either und or contained (strictly, i.e. en != en-US) in the slice will be generated. Otherwise, all locales supported by the source data will be generated.
  • keys: The keys for which to generate data. See all_keys, keys, keys_from_file, keys_from_bin.
  • sources: The underlying source data. CLDR and/or ICU data can be missing if no requested key requires them, otherwise an error satisfying is_missing_cldr_error or is_missing_icuexport_error will be returned.
  • out: The output format and location. See the documentation on Out