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🚧 [Experimental] Relative time formatting

This module is published as its own crate (icu_relativetime) and as part of the icu crate. See the latter for more details on the ICU4X project.

🚧 This code is experimental; it may change at any time, in breaking or non-breaking ways, including in SemVer minor releases. It can be enabled with the "experimental" Cargo feature of the icu meta-crate. Use with caution.


Options for configuring RelativeTimeFormatter.

Data provider struct definitions for this ICU4X component.


An intermediate structure returned by RelativeTimeFormatter. This structure can be consumed via Writeable trait to a string or buffer.

A formatter to render locale-sensitive relative time.

A bag of options for defining how to format time using RelativeTimeFormatter.


A list of error outcomes for various operations in the icu_relativetime crate.