pub fn load_grapheme_base(
    provider: &impl DataProvider<GraphemeBaseV1Marker>
) -> Result<CodePointSetData, PropertiesError>
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Property used together with the definition of Standard Korean Syllable Block to define “Grapheme base”. See D58 in Chapter 3, Conformance in the Unicode Standard.


use icu_properties::sets;

let data =
        .expect("The data should be valid");
let grapheme_base = data.as_borrowed();

assert!(grapheme_base.contains('ക'));  // U+0D15 MALAYALAM LETTER KA
assert!(grapheme_base.contains('\u{0D3F}'));  // U+0D3F MALAYALAM VOWEL SIGN I
assert!(!grapheme_base.contains('\u{0D3E}'));  // U+0D3E MALAYALAM VOWEL SIGN AA