pub fn load_script(
    provider: &impl DataProvider<ScriptV1Marker>
) -> Result<CodePointMapData<Script>, PropertiesError>
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Return a CodePointMapData for the Script Unicode enumerated property. See [Script].

Note: Some code points are associated with multiple scripts. If you are trying to determine whether a code point belongs to a certain script, you should use load_script_with_extensions_unstable and ScriptWithExtensionsBorrowed::has_script instead of this function.


use icu::properties::{maps, Script};
use icu_collections::codepointtrie::CodePointTrie;

let data =
        .expect("The data should be valid");
let script = data.as_borrowed();
assert_eq!(script.get('木'), Script::Han);  // U+6728
assert_eq!(script.get('🎃'), Script::Common);  // U+1F383 JACK-O-LANTERN