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Definitions of Unicode Properties and APIs for retrieving property data in an appropriate data structure.

This module is published as its own crate (icu_properties) and as part of the icu crate. See the latter for more details on the ICU4X project.

APIs that return a CodePointSetData exist for binary properties and certain enumerated properties. See the sets module for more details.

APIs that return a CodePointMapData exist for certain enumerated properties. See the maps module for more details.


Property data as CodePointSetDatas

use icu::properties::{maps, sets, GeneralCategory};

// A binary property as a `CodePointSetData`

let data = sets::load_emoji(&icu_testdata::unstable())
    .expect("The data should be valid");
let emoji = data.as_borrowed();

assert!(emoji.contains('🎃')); // U+1F383 JACK-O-LANTERN
assert!(!emoji.contains('木')); // U+6728

// An individual enumerated property value as a `CodePointSetData`

let data = maps::load_general_category(&icu_testdata::unstable())
    .expect("The data should be valid");
let gc = data.as_borrowed();
let line_sep_data = gc.get_set_for_value(GeneralCategory::LineSeparator);
let line_sep = line_sep_data.as_borrowed();


Property data as CodePointMapDatas

use icu::properties::{maps, Script};

let map = maps::load_script(&icu_testdata::unstable())
    .expect("The data should be valid");
let script = map.as_borrowed();

assert_eq!(script.get('🎃'), Script::Common); // U+1F383 JACK-O-LANTERN
assert_eq!(script.get('木'), Script::Han); // U+6728


This module exposes tooling for running the unicode bidi algorithm using ICU4X data.

This module provides APIs for getting exemplar characters for a locale.

The functions in this module return a CodePointMapData representing, for each code point in the entire range of code points, the property values for a particular Unicode property.

Data provider struct definitions for this ICU4X component.

Data and APIs for supporting both Script and Script_Extensions property values in an efficient structure.

The functions in this module return a CodePointSetData containing the set of characters with a particular Unicode property.


Enumerated property Bidi_Class

Property Canonical_Combining_Class. See UAX #15: https://www.unicode.org/reports/tr15/.

Enumerated property East_Asian_Width.

Groupings of multiple General_Category property values.

Enumerated property Grapheme_Cluster_Break.

Enumerated property Line_Break.

Enumerated property Script.

Enumerated property Sentence_Break. See “Default Sentence Boundary Specification” in UAX #29 for the summary of each property value: https://www.unicode.org/reports/tr29/#Default_Word_Boundaries.

Enumerated property Word_Break.


A list of error outcomes for various operations in the icu_properties crate.

Enumerated property General_Category.

A list of error outcomes for various operations in the icu_properties crate.