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Data structs for the normalizer


Non-Hangul canonical compositions

Marker type for CanonicalCompositionsV1: “normalizer/comp@1”

Marker type for DecompositionDataV1: “normalizer/nfd@1”

Marker type for DecompositionTablesV1: “normalizer/nfdex@1”

Marker type for DecompositionTablesV1: “normalizer/nfkdex@1”

Main data for NFD

Data that either NFKD or the decomposed form of UTS 46 needs in addition to the NFD data.

The expansion tables for cases where the decomposition isn’t contained in the trie value

Non-recursive canonical decompositions that differ from DecompositionDataV1.

Marker type for DecompositionSupplementV1: “normalizer/uts46d@1”