pub trait CldrCalendar {
    type DateSymbolsV1Marker: 'static + KeyedDataMarker
        <Self::DateSymbolsV1Marker as DataMarker>::Yokeable == DateSymbolsV1<'static>
; type DateLengthsV1Marker: 'static + KeyedDataMarker
        <Self::DateLengthsV1Marker as DataMarker>::Yokeable == DateLengthsV1<'static>
; const DEFAULT_BCP_47_IDENTIFIER: Value; fn is_identifier_allowed_for_calendar(value: &Value) -> bool { ... } }
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A calendar that can be found in CLDR

New implementors of this trait will likely also wish to modify get_era_code_map() in the CLDR transformer to support any new era maps.

Associated Types

The data marker for loading symbols for this calendar.

The data marker for loading length-patterns for this calendar.

Associated Constants

The Unicode BCP 47 identifier for the calendar If multiple BCP 47 identifiers work, this should be the default one when no others are provided

Provided methods

Checks if a given BCP 47 identifier is allowed to be used with this calendar

By default, just checks against DEFAULT_BCP_47_IDENTIFIER