pub enum Time {
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Represents different length lengths a DateTimeInput implementer can be formatted into. Each length has associated best pattern for it for a given locale.


use icu::datetime::options::length;

let bag = length::Bag::from_time_style(length::Time::Medium);

The available lengths correspond to UTS #35: Unicode LDML 4. Dates, section 2.4 [Element timeFormats].

Note: The exact result returned from TypedDateTimeFormatter is a subject to change over time. Formatted result should be treated as opaque and displayed to the user as-is, and it is strongly recommended to never write tests that expect a particular formatted output.

Variants (Non-exhaustive)

This enum is marked as non-exhaustive
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Full length, with spelled out time zone name.


  • 8:25:07 AM Pacific Standard Time (en-US)
  • 08:25:07 czas pacyficzny standardowy (pl)
  • ٨:٢٥:٠٧ ص توقيت المحيط الهادي الرسمي (ar)
  • 08:25:07 Тихоокеанское стандартное время (ru)
  • 8時25分07秒 アメリカ太平洋標準時 (ja)


Full length, usually with short time-zone code.


  • 8:25:07 AM PST (en-US)
  • 08:25:07 GMT-8 (pl)
  • ٨:٢٥:٠٧ ص غرينتش-٨ (ar)
  • 08:25:07 GMT-8 (ru)
  • 8:25:07 GMT-8 (ja)


Full length, usually with seconds.


  • 8:25:07 AM (en-US)
  • 08:25:07 (pl)
  • ٨:٢٥:٠٧ ص (ar)
  • 08:25:07 (ru)
  • 8:25:07 (ja)


Full length, usually without seconds.


  • 8:25 AM (en-US)
  • 08:25 (pl)
  • ٨:٢٥ ص (ar)
  • 08:25 (ru)
  • 8:25 (ja)

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