pub trait DateInput {
    type Calendar: Calendar;
    fn year(&self) -> Option<FormattableYear>;
    fn month(&self) -> Option<FormattableMonth>;
    fn day_of_month(&self) -> Option<DayOfMonth>;
    fn iso_weekday(&self) -> Option<IsoWeekday>;
    fn day_of_year_info(&self) -> Option<DayOfYearInfo>;
    fn any_calendar_kind(&self) -> Option<AnyCalendarKind>;
    fn to_iso(&self) -> Date<Iso>;
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Representation of a formattable calendar date. Supports dates in any calendar system that uses solar days indexed by an era, year, month, and day.

All fields are optional. If a field is not present but is required when formatting, an error result will be returned from the formatter.

All data represented in DateInput should be locale-agnostic.

Associated Types

The calendar this date relates to

Required methods

Gets the era and year input.

Gets the month input.

Gets the day input.

Gets the weekday input.

Gets information on the position of the day within the year.

Gets the kind of calendar this date is for, if associated with AnyCalendar In most cases you’ll probably want to return AnyCalendarKind::Iso

Converts date to ISO