pub trait TrieValue: 'static + Copy + Eq + PartialEq<Self> + AsULE {
    type TryFromU32Error: Display;
    fn try_from_u32(i: u32) -> Result<Self, Self::TryFromU32Error>;
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A trait representing the values stored in the data array of a CodePointTrie. This trait is used as a type parameter in constructing a CodePointTrie.

Associated Types

Last-resort fallback value to return if we cannot read data from the trie.

In most cases, the error value is read from the last element of the data array, this value is used for empty codepointtrie arrays Error type when converting from a u32 to this TrieValue.

Required methods

A parsing function that is primarily motivated by deserialization contexts. When the serialization type width is smaller than 32 bits, then it is expected that the call site will widen the value to a u32 first.

Implementations on Foreign Types