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Data structs for the collator


The main collation data either for the root or for a tailoring

Marker type for CollationDataV1: “collator/data@1”

Secondary weights for the start of the Combining Diacritics block.

Marker type for CollationDiacriticsV1: “collator/dia@1”

CollationElement32s for the Hangul Jamo Unicode Block

Marker type for CollationJamoV1: “collator/jamo@1”

Each non-alias collation that the data provider knows about explicitly has an data entry at least for this struct.

Marker type for CollationMetadataV1: “collator/meta@1”

Script reordering data

Marker type for CollationReorderingV1: “collator/reord@1”

Special primaries associated with the root collation

Marker type for CollationSpecialPrimariesV1: “collator/prim@1”